Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan | Culture Magazine-Legal Corner
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Culture Magazine-Legal Corner

Denise Pollicella, Culture Legal Corner Contributor since Jan 2013

Ms. Pollicella has been a dedicated advocate to the promotion of a safe and regulated medical marihuana industry in Michigan since she began representing patients and caregivers in the community in 2009. In 2012, she penned an op-ed to her local paper about the practical consequences of a recently published appellate court decision, and the piece was noticed by the Culture editorial staff. She was asked to contribute monthly articles for the Michigan edition’s Legal Corner beginning with her February 2013 “So You Think You’re A NonProfit”. She has been providing timely and insightful looks into the state’s developing marihuana laws for Culture’s Michigan readers ever since.

  • Local Judgment

    Local Judgment

    Local Judgment It’s time for Michigan’s cities to decide the best course of action Michigan’s cities, townships and villages have a decision to make—will they opt-in to the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, or not? With the December 15 state license application date looming, many...Read More »
  • Risk & Reward

    Risk & Reward

    Risk and Reward The persistence of banking woes for the cannabis industry by Denise Pollicella | August 3, 2017 For as long as Michigan managed to drag its feet on regulating the medical cannabis industry, it was not long enough for the Western states, already...Read More »
  • First Look

    First Look

    First Look Understanding Michigan’s recreational legalization ballot initiative by Denise Pollicella |June 2017 The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act is an initiative that will, if enough signatures are gathered, appear on the November 2018 state ballot. Given the growing support for legal recreational...Read More »