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April Showers Bring May . . . OG Kush?

By: Denise Pollicella for Culture Magazine Ah, spring has sprung at last in the Great Lakes State. If you’re like most Michiganders just out of hibernation, you’re anxious to get outside and plant your first garden. But this year, “outdoor gardening” has a whole new meaning. Just last month, HB 4851 took effect, and the…
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A First Look at the Provisioning Centers Act

By: Denise Pollicella for Culture Magazine It is unlikely that the recently introduced HB 4271, the Medical Marihuana Provisioning Centers Act (PCA), will look exactly the way it does now when it becomes law, but it is worth getting to know—particularly for those planning to someday operate or use a center. At its core, the…
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So You Think You’re A Nonprofit

By: Denise Pollicella for Culture Magazine I get it. Your primary concern is the DEA. But if the IRS isn’t a close second, remember that Al Capone was a very real person who went to a real prison for tax evasion. This is the thing: If you are operating a dispensary, you’re operating a business,…
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