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Top Michigan Lawyer a Champion for the Cannabis Industry

Michigan GreenState Publication By Jon Becker November 22, 2022 2:21 PM

Congratulations Brian Hanna!

Executive Director of Michigan’s CannabisRegulatory Agency We congratulate Brian Hanna on his appointment to Executive Director of Michigan’s CannabisRegulatory Agency and applaud the Governor for her choice. Mr. Hanna has served the industrywell during his interim term and we look forward to continuing to working with him in this newleadership position toward the continued development…
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Canna-Biz Master Class / Feb. 16

More Info to come. Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan invites you to attend our popular quarterly educational seminar & B2B industry networking event. For Tickets Call: 888-413-1669 or Email admin@pollicella.netTickets are available at the door (limited seating)

Pot Price Tumbles, Prompting Moratorium, Enforcement Chat

Pot Price Tumbles, Prompting Moratorium, Enforcement Chat

Metric Harvest Day Entry

The CRA is providing this communication as outreach and education to assist with accurately tracking harvest data.  Please remember the following must be completed to compliantly track harvest data: Each plant must be weighed in its entirety and reported into the harvest. This creates theoverall wet weight of the harvest. Waste should be reported the day it…
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Candy and Tincture

Bulletin : Increase the THC limits on edibles and resolve and restore tincture issues.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) released a new bulletin revising the maximum per container THC limit on adult-use marijuana edible products and providing new guidance relating to marijuana tinctures. Tinctures recently became an enforcement issue when the CRA determined that the definition of a “tincture” only included alcohol-based products, despite the industry standard of producing…
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Standard Operating Procedures Required Under New Rules

The newly adopted Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) Administrative Rule 420.206a requires all licensees to have “up-to-date written standard operating procedures on site at all times.” Licensees have six months from March 9, 2022 (or September 9, 2022) to comply with this additional requirement.The new Rule provides the standard operating procedures (SOPs) must detail the marijuana…
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