Metric Harvest Day Entry

Metric Harvest Day Entry

The CRA is providing this communication as outreach and education to assist with accurately tracking harvest data. 

Please remember the following must be completed to compliantly track harvest data:

  1. Each plant must be weighed in its entirety and reported into the harvest. This creates the
    overall wet weight of the harvest.
  2. Waste should be reported the day it is created, and that weight will be subtracted from the
    overall weight of the harvest.
  3. As packages are made, the weight of each package is subtracted from the overall wet weight
    of the harvest.
  4. The packages created must accurately reflect the product contents; for example, if the product
    is fresh frozen, this will be reflected as wet whole plant.
  5. Once all weight has been created and all packages have been created, the remaining weight is
    the moisture loss/water weight that was lost during the drying and curing process.

Other helpful reminders:

  • Licensees can sign up for the Metrc Learn LMS training offered by Metrc. This is modular
    training, by facility type – there are three levels in each training block. Each level has multiple
    modules for self-paced learning and is approximately two minutes long. The participant watches
    the video then has the opportunity to demonstrate the functionality that was just learned. 
  • Metrc has You Tube videos available as refreshers.
  • Metrc has a Knowledge Center where bulletins, best practice documents, and other helpful
    information is available. 
  • Metrc offers a Chatbot to offer real time help as well. 
  • Growers should have an SOP which includes the information from above as well as specific
    instructions on how to harvest the physical product, tracking tag locations and how the harvest is
    tracked within the business.

Questions can be sent to Metrc support

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