Municipalities Participating in MMFLA

Municipal Approval – Growers, processors, secure transporters, safety compliance centers, and provisioning centers can only be located in municipalities that “opt in” and enact an ordinance permitting and regulating these facilities. While the state is not accepting applications until December 15, 2017, municipalities can accept applications for land use permits at any time, as long as the municipality has enacted an ordinance allowing the facility.

A municipality (a city, township, or village) may enact an ordinance to authorize one or more types of marihuana facilities, and limit the number of each type of facility; charge an annual local fee up to $5,000 on licensees; and enact other ordinances related to marihuana facilities such as zoning ordinances. However, regulations regarding the purity or pricing of marihuana or regulations interfering or conflicting with state statutory regulations for licensing marihuana facilities could not be imposed. Many municipalities are considering whether to opt in and have drafted ordinances. So far, those that have enacted an opt-in ordinance, or that have officially expressed an intent to do so, are: